Our Work

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Commercial & Doc



We've worked on many different projects with Playstation in both production and post production roles. Many of the projects were on the documentary side, such as the PlayStation Heroes series, the My Road to Greatness series, as well as other doc-style pieces like the Road to SXSW and Bringing the Watchers to Life. We've also worked on a spot for Playstation & Spotify doing post production the project. While working with PlayStation, we also created many internal pieces as well as live event coverage both behind the camera and in the edit bay.

Cinematography & Editing by Peter Amodeo Gould

*see video details for credits on each piece


Hank Azaria's Fatherhood

We worked on this documentary series by Hank Azaria exploring what fatherhood really means through interviews with his many famous friends, as well as childcare experts. Features stars like Brian Cranston, Kevin Bacon, & Mike Meyers among many others. 

We were responsible for finishing the series doing color, audio mixing, as well as additional editorial including editing a few of the episodes like Ep. 11: The Parent Trap. 


Manifeste Marketing

We work closely with and provide many video services to Manifeste Marketing and their clients. Filling various roles from Executive Producer, Director, Cinematographer, 1st AD, Editor, and even sound recordist, we help Manifeste take their ideas from the page and bring them to life on the screen. 

Over the past few years we've worked together to create pieces for CK Mondavi & Family Wines, Megastar mobile talent competition, and Joyflips. 


Andrew x Paul

We've worked with Andrew x Paul on a few pieces including a web promo for Kids Footlocker as well as a training video for SelvaRey Rum.

Cinematography & Editing by Peter Amodeo Gould


Music Video


Tiny Glowing Screens pt. 1

Rapper and poet George Watsky's official music video for Tiny Glowing Screens Part 1. We worked closely with the director in post to bring this video to a Tiny Glowing Screen near you. 

Edited by Peter Amodeo Gould


Ima Ima

A short dance film & music video for Sheila Govindarajan's song, "Ima Ima" from her 2016 album Lady of the Lake. Choreographed by Marina Osthoff Magalhães.

Cinematography by Peter Amodeo Gould

Edited by Sophia Stoller & Peter Amodeo Gould


Dance & Experimental


IRIS Company

From process footage to Dress rehearsals, to short films and promotions. We've partnered with IRIS company to create all of their media since 2016.

We are currently working on a few short dance films that will be available later this year.

Cinematography & Editing by Peter Amodeo Gould


Out at Sea

Sometimes we just love to capture and create! This is an experimental short we made from footage shot while out for a day of sailing. After looking at everything we shot, we decided to create a little film, supported by our own original sound design and music.



We worked very closely with the director Oren Tobias Dayan to create this bizarre & wild world of sound and visuals. This short was edited and sound designed entirely in Premiere Pro.

*this film contains some nudity

Cinematography by Paul Salmons

Sound & Picture Editing by Peter Amodeo Gould


Works in Progress